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Past Trip Itineraries & Price

The Mediterranean Big 5 – Cruise Rome, Athens, Jerusalem, Ephesus, Egypt & More – November 19-December 3, 2013

Are you ready to cruise in 2013?  Paul Cardall will take you to places that people dream of seeing.  You will cruise in luxury to Italy, Israel, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey for an incredible price! A 2-day land tour of Rome will also start and end your experience so that you can discover the “Eternal City.” Costa Cruise lines will transport you from port to port in comfort and elegance.

*If you don’t cruise to the Big 5 in the Mediterranean, you haven’t seen the best of the Mediterranean!


*We will have our own private group shore excursions that will be available.

November 19 – Fly from your home city to Rome, Italy.  Departures from other US cities are available.

November 20 – Rome, Italy –Arrive in Rome and transfer to your hotel.  Overnight and rest before departing on your grand Mediterranean adventure!

November 21 – Rome, Italy – Awake and enjoy a city tour of Rome.  The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountains, and the Roman Pantheon will start your tour off on the right foot.  Next you will drive down to the cruise port and board your luxurious floating hotel – the Costa Pacifica! (B, Cruise Meals)

November 22 – Savona, Italy-Monte Carlo, Monaco – You will arrive in Savona and disembark the ship this morning.  You will drive through the Italian Riviera and enter France at the Ventimiglia boarder.  From here you will see dramatic landscape as you drive to the principality of Monaco.  Here you will explore the old city, see the magnificent botanical garden, a visit to St Nicholas Cathedral, and the Palace with the changing of the guards.  After lunch you will explore the city and the small shops.  Mid afternoon we will return to the ship. (Cruise Meals)

November 23 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea.  (Cruise Meals)

November 24 – Olympia, Greece – Today you will disembark to see Olympia, Greece.  Here in 776 BC the Olympic Games were begun in honor of Zeus.  You will visit the ruins of the temple of Hera, the Prytaneion, the Bouleuterion, and the 1st stadium (where perhaps the men of the group will re-enact the Olympic Games).  Of course the ruins of the temple of Zeus are a must see.  (Cruise Meals)

IMG_4874November 25 –  Glorious Athens!!! – Here you will visit the Acropolis, walk through the Propylaia with its temple to Nike, and then to behold the Parthenon which in ancient times housed the statue of Athena.  You will have time to explore this magnificent structure and be overwhelmed by its history.  Nearby is the Erechtheion where the gods and heroes worshipped.  This building is famous for the Athenian maidens, the Karyatids, stand in their glory.  Nearby you will stand on Mars Hill, where the Apostle Paul stood and taught the Greeks about the Unknown God.  After lunch you will have time to explore the shops of Athens.  (Cruise Meals)
November 26 – Izmir, Turkey – Today you travel into Ephesus to see some incredible ruins.  It was here where Paul spent two years of his life preaching and teaching the words of Christ.  Turkey is a beautiful country.  Shopping time will also be available today.  Turkish rugs anyone?  (Cruise Meals)

November 27 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea.  (Cruise Meals)

IMG_5068November 28 –  Jerusalem, Israel – You will leave the ship this morning and drive to Jerusalem.  From the Mt. of Olives you will have your first view of the City of Gold, Jerusalem.  You will descend down the Mount as Jesus did to Gethsemane where Christ suffered for us all.  We will visit the Western (Wailing) Wall, most holy site for all of Judaism.  Here Jews pray daily for the return of the temple and the Great Messiah.  The Upper Room is nearby where the Savior met with his Apostles for Passover and there teach the new law, the sacrament.  We will visit Golgotha traditional site of the terrible crucifixion.  Nearby we will visit the peaceful Garden Tomb and remember the glorious message “He is not here, He has risen”.  What a spiritually filled day.  There will be time for shopping prior to leaving for the ship.  (Cruise Meals)

November 29 – Cairo, Egypt – You will arrive at Port Said, Egypt and disembark early for your adventure in Cairo, Egypt.  Here you will visit the Cairo Museum with its overwhelming collection of Egyptian antiquities; the most spectacular is the treasures of King Tut.  Next a visit to the only remaining Wonder of the World, the Pyramids of Giza, and their great guardian the great Sphinx.  If time permits you can hop on a camel and explore the Giza plateau.  You will have time for shopping in the Shari el Muski Bazaar.  You will feel like you are back in old Egypt as you haggle for the correct price.  Board the ship this evening in Alexandria, Egypt. (Cruise Meals)

November 30 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea.  (Cruise Meals)

December 1 – Enjoy a relaxing day at sea.  (Cruise Meals)

December 2 – Rome, Italy – Today you enter the eternal city of Rome!  So much awaits in Rome.  You will be amazed as you see the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, and so much more.  Fresh pizza and stunning architecture make for an incredible tourist destination. Overnight in Rome.  (B)

December 3 – Fly home from Rome with new friends and great memories! (B)

*We will have our own private group shore excursions that will be available.

Costa Pacifica Ship: Music is the soul of the world, a universal language that everyone can understand, it brings happiness, enchantment and pure pleasure. For this reason a cruise on Costa Pacifica will be unforgettable: the ship of music is ready to engulf you with its beautiful sounds and accompany you throughout your holiday with the harmony of its soundtrack.

The secret of its beauty is the variety of styles. On board Costa Pacifica, everything amazes, transports and entertains you and the excitement never ends: the Grand Prix Simulator, the spectacular external deck, with its glass roof and cinema at night, the theatre fitted with exclusive technology that provides the best possible quality of sound.

You’ll spend unforgettable moments on Costa Pacifica and will be able to experience them again and again by just listening to the soundtrack of your holiday.


Round trip airfare from Most US Cities – Included In Cruise Price

Inside Cabins (Double Occupancy) – $2910 (includes cruise and air for $2299 and taxes of $611)

Outside Cabins (Double Occupancy) – additional $500

Balcony Cabins (Double Occupancy) – additional $1000

Rome Land Package, Cruise Transfers, Rome Hotels and Touring – INCLUDED

Credit Card Fee – 3.5% (only applies to final payment-pay by check to avoid it)

Group Shore Excursion Package – Prices Coming Soon

Deposit Required – $1500


*Trip cancellation and emergency insurance available 
*Passports are required
*Full payment due 90 days before departure.
*Cancellation charges: non-refundable after deposit and final payment is made
Click Here for Current Airline Baggage Fees
Click Here For Terms and Conditions
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